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How to crack GMAT integrated and reasoning section

How to crack GMAT integrated and reasoning section: GMAT recently added integrated reasoning section to its examination pattern. Since it is the comparatively new section, the candidates are more likely to be worried about this as they feel that there might be some question types that they might not be familiar with when he give the examination. In this article, we will give you the tips to crack the GMAT Integrated and Reasoning Section.

How to crack GMAT integrated and reasoning section?

Out of the total three and a half hour examination, half an hour is allocated towards this section. But, since we have only two years of question papers, we still have to find which are the “important” sections and which are least likely to come up in the examination. As for the quant and verbal sections, we have decades of question papers and so we can easily analyze them and see for repeated patterns.

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How to crack GMAT reasoning,Crack GMAT integrated and reasoning, How to Crack GMAT easily, Crack GMAT 2016The results of Integrated reasoning and AWA are given separately than the verbal and quant sections. Look at the institutes that you are planning to apply to. Are they giving an importance to the IR scores? If they are you need to work hard to prepare for it as well.

The average score is 4.34. As these are essay type questions, our main aim should be to get the higher score than the average one. Aim for a 5 or a 6 score in order to remain competitive. Why not aim for the full score? Because since this is more of a theory it would not be the practical strategy to expect full scores. These are some tips to crack GMAT integrated and reasoning section.

How to crack GMAT integrated and reasoning section

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